Guns in Church?

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Do you believe they want to pass a bill allowing guns in church?

The people who brought guns to church killed innocent persons.
Does that mean anyone can come into church with a gun and kill people and not be charged for illegally being there with a gun? 
I have heard of stupid laws but this is the worst. If things like this keep up God is going to end the world. church is for praying and there is no reason for guns. I almost feel like we are going backwards.(like the old west). Soon we will be wearing holsters on our hips waiting for a show down, There are many good (more) people. Shouldn’t the media show them more and put their faces on TV more times than they show the bad ones? That just makes who is most famous . I believe that makes the bad one think “Look I’m famous and with stupid mentality of other bad people they want to be famous too. I want to scream when they repeat their pictures and tell of their nasty deeds!


Social Security raise for 2017..

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The raise was at ,03 %. I got $4 but my medicare was raised so I did't get anymore more in my check. The reason they said the reason for such  small amount was because the gas was so low. OF COURSE THE FOOD WE SENIONS EAT WAS RAISED CONCIDERBLY. A lot of seniors can't drive anymore but they can still eat, The rents are sky high and the nursing homes  are out of sight.  It's so hard to understand how they think. This is still the greatist country of all so I guess I should be thankful for that.  I really am but I think the ones who run it should be more aware,



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I have lived in Ft. Myers for  46 years. You would think I would know the ins and outs of Florida fees. I got my notice for renewing my tags. Normally I send in a check with no charges except for the tags. I am not a computer expert but was happy to see could take the option  to pay by computer.t  Surprise! And it was not a pleasant one.

I didn't read the fine print (too trustworthy) BIG MISTAKE. No specific fees were mentioned or other added fees. It cost twice as much if I went and payed in person. The fees were phenomenal and shocked me. I was upset for a while but chalked it up to a bad experience.  I learned not ever to do that again. I am a senior citizen and the fees should have

been in the application.